These Are The Dead Years

by Flying Dog

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released October 18, 2016

Flying Dog son:
Roger Bascuñana-Voz
Chus Ponce- Bajo
Jaime Pons-Batería
Alberto Martín-Guitarra
Daniel Ian Tompkins-Guitarra

Compuesto y Grabado por Flying Dog

Producido por Dani Paz & Flying Dog
Grabado y mezclado por Dani Paz at The Recorder (Mallorca)
Baterías grabadas por Toni Salvà at Diorama Sound (Mallorca)
Masterizado por Hay Zeelen Mastering (Mallorca)


all rights reserved



thebravesrecords AL, Spain

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Track Name: M.F. Space Avenger
I like to break everything that you've made
With your delicate hands
I just feel , kind of a beast
I don’t feel like a human

Yeah, there's a storm behind me
Yeah, I’ve got fire on my hands

I hate your race, what it means
you deserve extinction
I am the judge, fuck your god
He’s not gonna save you Now

Yeah . There's a storm behind me
Yeah, I’ve got fire on my hands
there's a strength inside me
Yeah , Your god is not gonna save you
...from the space avenger
Track Name: Grow The Fuck Up
Hey us a favor and stop fucking up your life
I said to you is not easy And you’re taking the wrong way're not gonna break this family
Shame on you should be doing something better than sleep all day
I think you've got a problem
I Beg you brother ...Grow the fuck up

IF you really miss me come around ( it will bring you complications the troubles that you’re getting in )
IF you have something to say just come around ( Don't go that way or You will regret it )
IF you're really Sorry come around , I had the same frustrations
IF you’re ready to listen to me now ...come around

Now you better listen
Don’t try to convince me brother
We both know
You know I used to feel the same shit when I was young
So what the fuck is in your mind?...grow the fuck up!
Face off the problems, I Beg you don’t stand aside
Life Will bring you brother
Beautiful things
Stop being so Angry brother And you'll see what I mean
Respect your brother , respect yourself
Our mother And our father ‘cause they deserve
Track Name: Summit
We used to spend every night
Dancing Cheek to cheek
We used to cut down the distance to share
Our dreams
Feeling how the boy becomes a man
With the world in our hands
And wondering....where are We going
We had the youth ....And
We had all the time, We had the strength ...And our friends

Of course We were ...teenagers!
Living in a never ending summer

Oooh yeahh
How much I miss it now sitting down on the summit
(Sharing our happiness ) and Sharing our dramas too
Sitting on the summit

Our veins full With all those dreams
Wonderwall in front of the sea
Some beers, my guitar...And no chicks!
And some really good friends by our side

Of course We were ...teenagers !
Living in a never ending summer

323 after basketball practice
Pints at the hard rock in Magalluf
Route 66, Saturday’s matches
Laughing With David from a Little Cup

Watching bands and Dreaming
of having our own One
We slept with the same girls
But everything is forgiven while you're
Sitting down on the summit

(And i love that you're still here with me)
Sharing our happiness and sharing our dramas
Although we left Behind our youth on that summit
How much I miss to live in a never ending summer
Track Name: If You Don't Mind
I need to clear my mind, to stop now with our fights....( and let me do it my way this time)
I Need to be inspired and make some good this time, (If you don’t mind )
Don’t feel that I have the time, the baby has changed my life,( I mean both lives)
I want to apologize and Leave some pains behind, this time we’re getting out of control.

But it's difficult to tell you about my feelings , when a Devil is all over
I think that you should be more patient
Don’t like the way you say some things to me.

(We are getting out of control)
Baby you’re my inspiration (you're my inspiration)
The reason of my lyrics, indeed
I Need some of our relation back
I Beg you , let me be myself....
Sometimes we share the same frustrations
I like the way you make love to me baby
But I Beg you let me be myself.

I don’t want to feel like we are flat mates....anymore.
We just need to let us be ourselves

I've Been walking through the line that separates our lives...for a long long time
I Need you to rewind remember better times, i Need them to come back
I gave you all I got so Tell me what is wrong, Baby you own my heart
It's time to make amends so just take your time to rest., i Will never let you down

We Need to stop fighting,
The screaming, I’m just tired
I’m Sorry IF I stress you
Still don’t know what entertains you
You say I’m always Busy
because our life doesn’t fill me up
We Need to end this war
Track Name: Be A Man
We haven't met yet
But I promise
I Will build for you
A funfair made with good wishes
All of them for you
You’re not just a passenger
You command the ship that Will bring
The happiness to our lives
You have changed this love forever
You have changed my point of view
In so many ways
And I can’t wait to hear you say ...i love You

I still have to assimilate
The look we shared , ( the way you were staring at me )
And As soon as I felt your breath
I understood the love between father and son
And nothing Will destroy that feeling

But you should know that
When you Grow up
I’m not gonna be
Just a common dad
Let me tell you why
Because sometimes I feel like an old man
Tied in the hands of a boy
That had to choose
A different way to Live his life
You Will drive my destiny
My responsibility
With you I Will be a man ...
And I can't wait to hear you say you daddy

Son you were born after a long wait
with your mother under pain and both full of nerves
At Ten to eleven on the 12th of December
I saw you in her arms
i though that you were perfect

I Helped you to be born with my own hands and
I was so eager that I almost shit in my pants
But I didn’t doubt
And I took your head
And I promised myself I was gonna be a Man

Now I’m just a father in love
You've changed the way I am now
I’m just a father in love
And I know I’m ready

I'm still assimilating the looks we share the way you always stare at me
Every time I feel your breath
Every time I feel your breath
I understand the love between father and son
Track Name: By The Sweat
I know the fairy tales
But I don’t know the boy
So look at me now
Selling doctor's toys
It’s hard for me to be inspired
My prose is going poor
I miss some of my lyrics
Cause I used to say a bit more
Some sense of humor is needed
It doesn’t mean bad jokes
I used to be so clever
But the drugs did their work
My life becomes predictable
Nothing seems to be enough
I am becoming nothing
I Need to get some More

It’s what they’re expecting
I have to make them rich
By the sweat of my brow

I won some basketball finals
Don’t feel like it anymore
I’ve changed it for my guitar
And Put some lyrics to my voice
I make thousands of sales
I always answer the phone
I Need some privacy
I’m becoming a slave of work
I look so radiant today
inside I’m an angry dog
So Sorry, you better wait
I’m gonna cross that door
I’ve done my make up
Ready to sale my soul
To be obliging
I'm gonna eat the world

It’s what they‘re expecting
I have to make them rich
By the sweat of my Brow

A certain stress is needed x
To increase your winnings
It takes some time to feel in x
The top of a hypocrite business
You sale your soul, your feelings x
Your values and you are in.
They give you the means to killing x
Then you realize
Devil is feeding you
By the sweat of your brow

Once again
Here I go
I do my best
It’s not enough

Here I go , here I go again
I lost the way to express my feelings
There it goes the shit I had inside
But flying dog is back to save me
From the flames of hell...from myself

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