The Inception

by Oddhums

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Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger Anybody who knows me knows I have a real aversion to post-rock so I was delighted this sounds more proggy sludge like than PR... Favorite track: Under Siege.
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ODDHUMS presentan su primer trabajo THE INCEPTION cabalgando entre el Doom, el Sludge y el Post-metal. Con unas melodías rompedoras que nos muestran una nueva cara en los sonidos a los que estamos acostumbrados en estos estilos.

Es una banda procedente de Jaén, formada por componentes de bandas como Xkrude, Kostokaron, Inbred, Audrey.



[ Metal Rules ]

" This is their first EP since they have formed. The EP is a solid piece for a first timer. It has 4 songs, and through all 4 songs the dark ambient flows within. The drop tuned guitar gives chills with heavy repeating hooks mixed with the drums and the hard bass. The fading vocal gives you the ultimate dark feeling while listening to it. If you are in the mood for a dark ambient piece of art this is for you. All of the elements, the guitar, the bass and the drums give you the ambient it has.

Although it's not your classical metal album with crushing solos and hard kicking drums everywhere with growling and screaming vocals pumping your energy, you still feel the same energy listening to it. The hooks and drum rhythm makes you wanna headbang. "

[ Grimm Gent ]

" The Spanish sludge band unleashed their creativity with The Inception as a result. Their music was a mystery to me but I can assure you, it was a pleasant surprise. I couldn’t find a band that sound just like ODDHUMS. They twist and bend their sound to their own liking and it works. With The Inception ODDHUMS gave us a taste what they’re capable of. A taste that leads to a curiosity and hunger for more. I was pleasantly surprised by the album as they managed to keep the sound fresh but at the same time made it something familiar. A band I’ll be keeping my eyes on. "

[ Musos' Guide ]

“ ODDHUMS, I have no idea what it means or how to pronounce it but I will heartily (and awkwardly) recommend it. They formed earlier this year in Jaen, Spain and The Inception is their first release. They've been compared to Fudge Tunnel and sound like a heavy metal version of Shellac. ODDHUMS are in the right place with Inverse Records. It’s a label that is proving itself to be consistently open to experimental metal acts of the sort that would otherwise find it hard to find an audience. It is remarkable also that in this music-saturated world, ODDHUMS have managed to come up with something unique. “

[ Metal Nexus ]

" From Jaén, Spain we get the new 4-song EP “The Inception” from the ODDHUMS, a trio that is definitely putting the ‘odd’ in the ODDHUMS music. But as we all know, odd is good in most cases and it definitely is here but then again, maybe odd isn’t the right word to apply to these guys. This is more akin to progressive and exploratory, atmospheric and experimental as bassist/vocalist Will, guitarist Freg, and drummer Keke pull out all the stops here. With darkly hallucinatory vibes permeating these songs, ones augmented with epic sonic grandeur and expansive arrangements, ODDHUMS have harnessed an amazing album with “The Inception“. "

[ MetalKorner ]

" Su sonido ecléctico combina de manera inteligente el sonido de Seattle de los 90 junto al sludge más extremo, con tintes puramente industriales. Tiene algo que engancha y te hace querer escucharlo una y otra vez, sin descanso. Uno de los debuts más sólidos del año, y esto sólo acaba de empezar...
Puntuación: 9/10 "

[ Metal Trenches ]

" Finally, we close with my favorite EP on this list, which is an interesting little debut from ODDHUMS. The Inception is the product of less than a year's time being together for this Spanish band. And yet the ideas sound mature as hell. Stoner doom vibes make sweet love to a very somber post-metal sound. Had I more time I would have liked to do a longer write-up for this one, but what are you gonna do. The distant, wispy vocals are smooth as silk; seeming to float on a psychodelic cloud of reverb and delay affected guitars. The only thing keeping the band grounded is the heavy, swinging pundulum of bass rumble. This music simply embodies "cool." If the Fonz were still around now, this is what the jukebox would play when he threw down his magic touch. Personal favorite: "Wounds." "

[ Beneath The Surface ]

“ Here’s an interesting genre bending EP from Spain. Dominated by a huge bass sound, it blurs the lines between Stoner, a more psychedelic hippy feel as well as a few shoegazing Post-Rock/Metal moments.
At times it feels as if the band are ready to set the world alight, and then they retreat into a mellow, cool as fuck, kind of vibe. I imagine they’d sound amazing in a small sweaty club whilst off your tits on cocktail of whiskey and weed.

This is very accomplished for a debut and I look forward to whatever they produce next. “

[ Merchants of Air ]

" Hailing from Jaén, Spain, this trio comes with an excellent blend of stoner rock and doom, a delightful must-have for the fuzz-freaks out there. Firm drums accompany vintage stoner doom riffs, while here and there an immersive post-rock passage appears. That's all good and fine and nice and stuff but what I really like on this album are the vocals. They remind me a lot more of acts like Jesus and the Mary Chain or Slowdive. You know, the shoegaze way. Sometimes, there are some Conan or Yob chants, which also fit quite well. The combination of those epic riffs and these distant vocals make this ep a stand-out for me. I hope these dudes will tour Europe soon. Recommended? Definitely! "

[ Rotation 11 ]

" ODDHUMS from Jaen, Spain have dropped an impressive EP upon us with 'The Inception'. The trio's debut contains some very dark and weighting moods. We found ourselves becoming quite absorbed in the darkness as the four tracks mainly stab the heart of the doom genre, but also flow between sludge, stoner and post-rock elements.

The Inception leaves us wanting more. We guess this may be an intelligent teaser cranking out four concise tracks as we'll certainly be on the lookout for their future works. We strongly recommend you pick this one up on Bandcamp and put it in heavy rotation. "

[ Heavy Planet ]

" This is the debut EP from Jaén, Spain’s, ODDHUMS. The band only formed earlier this year and have already created a record which blows many of their peers out of the water. The band (Freg on Guitar, Keke on Drums, and Will on Bass and Vocals) combine a few different styles over these four tracks, from stoner and sludge riffing, to post-rock dalliances with grunge overtones, making them hard to predict but exciting to listen to.

Grab a hold of this EP while you can from their bandcamp, and play on repeat until their first full length comes out; we think you’ll be as excited as we are for it. "

[ Metal Brothers ]

“ ODDHUMS es una banda procedente de Jaén. Una banda muy interesante que mezcla Post Rock, Post Metal, Doom y Sludge , el marco en el que se mueven los temas es el Doom para luego introducir de forma inteligente pinceladas de otros estilos musicales. Así son los ODDHUMS, son capaces de sonar luminosos y vitalistas para en una fracción de segundo cambiar por completo el decorado y tirar de Stoner/ Doom tan clásico que por momentos cierro los ojos y me imagino a los Kyuss o aún podemos viajar todavía mas lejos en el tiempo y soñar con Buffalo. Ellos son los ODDHUMS y su primer trabajo debería llevar una etiqueta que pusiese " Listen or Die." “

[ Rock Cult ]

" Если вам хочется мрака, таинственности и ощущения зловещей древности – обязателен к прослушиванию дебютный EP испанцев ODDHUMS. Уже с самого первого трека релиз затягивает и повергает в атмосферу мистики; музыка бы как нельзя лучше могла проиллюстрировать фильм вроде «Королевы проклятых», особенно если необходимо было бы добавить больше саспенса. Всего 4 трека в The Inception, но так и не удалось отделаться от ощущения, что здесь какой-то подвох: просто не верится, что сама группа появилась только в начале этого года, а звучание с первых же работ такое нетривиальное. Приятное дополнение – обложка, точно отражающая содержание. Дебют ODDHUMS, пожалуй, можно отнести к наиболее неожиданным и удачным открытиям среди новых исполнителей. "
Оценка: 10/10

[ Necromance Digital Magazine ]

" ODDHUMS, son nuevos, pero a la vez, son músicos experimentados, pasando por grupos como XKRUDE, KOSTOKARON, INBRED, AUDREY…, reinventándose y realizando un gran trabajo debut con mucho doom, pero enmarcado en stoner y sludge y repleto de melodías. Cuando las emociones más oscuras pretenden ver la luz, esto es ODDHUMS. "

[ Idioteq ]

" The record sets an incredible tone with its engrossing dark imagery, muddy, sludgy guitars, and almost psychedelic vocals that cut through the thick fog. Listen and grab your copy now, there’s a lot to digest here. "


released November 29, 2016

Todas las canciones escritas y producidad por ODDHUMS
Grabado en Black Bunker Records por Kike Gutiérrez.
Fotografía de Antonio de la Rubia.
Cover Art por Procesonegro Art Studio.



all rights reserved


thebravesrecords Seville, Spain

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Track Name: Digmaze
There’s a saying
The devil is strong when we are looking the other way
As a virus running in the background
Infecting this safety place
Is the meaning of time what you’re looking for

Shame eyes
Everlasting anger, honey
Froze my veins
Dark feelings grow inside
Keep it on a we will burn ‘till the end of times

They don’t sleep, Don’t rest
Always near, breathing around your neck
Always on, Always dark, always stand
They don’t drive us, demos do.

As a shadow staring in the backyard
Fixing his eyes on mine, singing the raven song
As a daybreak shining in the sunset
Breaking the sky in parts
Fucking the pain away

(Chorus again)
Track Name: Big Brave

Wander in the hard rain
Clouds are not the same here
Only hear the deep buzz
Bounces in the dry heart

Drifting in a death sea
Floating like a log
Sorrow is in the same plain
Blood is in the wrong place

Play… Enter into this game
Pray… Take me out of this trail

Faster than a greyhound
Hidden by the dry oaks
Where the silhouettes meet
You’re the King of pain, say…

Babe… This is an honest mistake

Faster than a greyhound
Drifting in a death sea

Brave… We can only be brave
Play… Enter into this game

Are you driving me safe into this faith?
Track Name: Wounds

We can never sear
Shaped like a tear

Pull it out
Keep it on the trail
Turn it up
High as you can

to say another tale
Pounding like a pray

Raise it now
Raise above the sky
Turn it up
And say goodbye from… Hell

Here it comes again, say it wil be great (x2)
Track Name: Under Siege

Melt down yourself,
Spit in all flags,
Keep the mouth wide open
and swallow it

Set me on fire
Turn down this siege.
Tame the deep sky rocking,
Chase the parade through the fire.

Take a long breath,
And keep inside
Grab the promising future
as they want to

Pangs of pain
crushes your guts
The revenants at the bonfires staring at you
Staring at me

Tame this rage
Bend this faith
Get the real stuff and fuck it up
Focus on what they love and destroy it all

Tame this rage
Bend this faith
Melt down yourself
and set me on

Spit in all flags and
Keep the mouth wide open now.

Tame this rage
Bend this faith
Get the real stuff and fuck it up
Focus on what they love and destroy it all

Take a long breath,
And keep inside

Pray... Rage.